Why Language and Communication Skills are the Keys to Success

Food for thought

Language is a crucial tool for everyone – young and old. It’s how we express ourselves and interact with the world. The latest scientific research shows that language plays a powerful role in brain development. Amazingly, the quality of a child’s language environment is linked to their IQ as teenagers!

This is exactly why Adventurers focuses so much of our attention on these factors. We are determined to make a difference as the first early educational centre in Australia to focus on these elements.

Why Adventurers?

Good question! We’ll explain exactly why we’re different to traditional childcare centres:

  • Cutting edge language monitoring: we monitor the quality of the language in our classrooms with innovative technology. We’ve partnered with use unique LENA (Language Environment Analysis) that comes in the form of a small, safe wearable ‘talk pedometer’. This means, parents of children at Adventurers know their children are in an environment that will prepare them for the future.
  • Has specially trained educators. Our educators have been trained with the LENA professional development program to understand how they can provide a rich language environment to all children.

Did you know?

Research shows that approximately 90% of physical growth is completed between birth and five years. However, not all growth is equal.

Our brains have completely different ways of developing than our hearts or lungs. Brain development is greatly affected by encounters and experiences from early childhood – that is why an effective learning environment is crucial to your child’s cognitive development.

Proficient learning environments, such as Adventurers, provide children with capabilities far beyond those who don’t have these opportunities. Their vocabularies are more advanced, their brains have the capability to process information faster, and their average IQs are higher.

Children’s ability to learn and excel in school and life is also significantly increased.

Our little Adventurers are given the keys to:

Social Interaction Skills

These skills are gained through language development. Children are equipped with communication and problem-solving skills – whether it is sharing toys today or negotiating in their adult lives.

Achieving Their Full Potential:

Research shows that the right language development in early childhood gives children the opportunity to achieve their potential.


The ability to have laser focus. Their attention span, emotional control, management of thoughts and behaviours are optimised.

Adventurers invites all parents to experience the impact we make for themselves.

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