We're family owned, family run and here to help you and your child

Research says that children who start ahead stay ahead. These differences start early – as young as two years of age. That’s why, at Adventurers we are committed to implementing the latest scientific findings to ensure that all our children are not just ready for school, but ready for life!

Language acts as fertiliser for the brain. Early language exposure, in particular interactive talk, is one of the strongest predictors of brain development. This leads to larger vocabularies, higher IQ, and faster, more efficient brains. That’s why Adventurers focusses on language development – because it is the single biggest thing that matters.

Depending on which room your child is in and the day, he or she could participate in a range of planned and spontaneous learning adventures in a fun environment. These could include:

  • Scientific experiments
  • Literacy and numeracy activities
  • Construction activities
  • Outside play
  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Dramatic play
  • Art
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Physical education/ sport program

For your child’s first day, each child needs a bag, which is clearly labelled with her or his name on it. If your child is two years or older it’s suggested that you involve your child and explain why the items are being packed. This bag should include the following items:

  • A family photo in a frame (but no glass)
  • At least one complete, and seasonally appropriate, change of clothes. If you think your child may need more then include as many changes as you think are required. Please remember to check these clothes regularly to make sure they still fit your child!
  • A jumper or cardigan, even during warmer months, in case the weather changes
  • A special comfort item (e.g. blanket)
  • A broad brimmed, or legionnaire style hat, between October and March
  • Drink bottle for toddlers and above.

Please remember to label your child’s belongings. This will assist us to return them if they become misplaced.

We provide all children with a quiet and comfortable sleep environment, which allows them to have the rest they need to thrive. In the babies and toddler room the children follow the same sleep routine as they would at home but generally by 18 months to two years of age children’s routines have become similar and then they have one sleep after lunch. To help children sleep, the lights are turned off and educators try to implement the sleep routine you use at home, which may involve patting or soothing your child to sleep.

The duration of this sleep depends upon children’s individual sleep patterns and needs. Between three to four years of age many children stop sleeping during the day but all children continue to have the opportunity to rest and sleep if they wish. Older children, who no longer sleep, or children who appear alert or restless, are offered appropriate alternatives to sleeping such as a period of meditation after lunch, so as they can rest and relax. If you would like additional information, please talk to the teacher in the kindergarten rooms.

To enable children to benefit from our educational program, we encourage families to enrol children for a minimum of two days. Being enrolled for only one day can be disruptive for children and makes it harder for them to settle given the long gap between visits.

Children attending our funded kindergarten program are required to attend for a minimum of three days.

We are a small Australian family owned business, which focusses on the Western suburbs of Melbourne. We were unhappy with the quality of care available, and we wanted something better for our children, and yours!

Anyone interested in enrolling at Adventurers is encouraged to book in for a tour. It’s important for families to see the difference firsthand. Once parents have made the decision to enrol, our educators will guide you through the enrolment process.

Yes, Adventurers is a registered childcare provider. This means that eligible families can claim the Government benefit.

Fees are paid by direct debit, two weeks in advance.