More Than Just A Childcare Centre

Adventurers give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential. From early learning to kindergarten preparation, we use scientifically proven approaches. We focus specifically on language development to ensure the finest future for our children. These skills aren’t only about communication with people, they are also about making sure your child’s brain develops in the best possible way. They lay the foundations for the rest of a child’s adult life. Adventurers specifically focuses on language to ensure the best possible early development foundations are built.

For example, here’s some food for thought: Did you know that vocabulary skills at age 3 have an impact on language and reading skills at ages 9 through 10?

At Adventurers, our goal is to develop these skills to ensure early success that lasts a lifetime.

Adventurers is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people and implementation of the Child Safe Standards.

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Your children are unique and so are we

A Unique Focus on Language – The First in Australia

Adventurers is the first, and only, early education service in Australia to use researched and proven methods to encourage a language-focused learning environment. These one-of-a-kind language and communication approaches develop children’s brains to inevitably become smarter throughout their lives. Our skills development is based on science to encourage each child to reach for the stars and conquer the world.

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100% Happiness Guaranteed: The Adventurers Promise

We do everything we can to make sure your family has a great experience at Adventurers. If you don’t think we’re awesome within the first 30 days, just let us know so we can make it right. If you’re still not happy, we will refund a week of your out of pocket tuition costs back to you.

Built on Fun

Children learn the most when they’re having fun. We believe fun is the foundation for learning. It stimulates children’s curiosity about the amazing world around them. Adventurers combines learning and fun to inspire young minds to explore their world.

Ready for school... and beyond

At Adventurers, we make sure our children are not just ready for school… they’re ready for life! We achieve this with a strong focus on language and communication skills. These skills allow children to express their needs, facilitate their curiosity, and help them communicate with others. Adventurers will help your child conquer the world and create their own destiny!

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Peace of Mind for Families

At Adventurers, we’ve got everything covered. As you go about your day, you can relax knowing that:

  1. FUN: Your child will enjoy exciting learning adventures each day.
  2. EDUCATION: our curriculum will enable your child to thrive in school and beyond!
  3. SUPPORT: you and your child have the freedom to raise any concerns. We are your support team. We care about you and your child and are here to listen and work with you to work through any issues.

Let Our Family Look After Yours

We’re family owned, and family run. You can rest assured knowing that your child is in safe, qualified, and experienced hands.